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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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getting down and dirty on earth day. now at five.. how teams of volunteers are trying beautify the bay area. they say to get clean, sometimes you got to get down and dirty. >> on earth day, trying to beautify the bay area. thousands gathered to mark earth day with a march for science, in new york with what the marchers are asking for. coming up. >> i think right now, yes, science is under threat more so than it ever has been. >> first, the same science marches drawing enormous crowds right here in the bay area. good evening, i am elizabeth elizabeth. >> i am brian hackney.
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standing up for science, call to action planned to coincide with earth day. kpix 5's jackie ward, protesters hope donald trump hears their message. >> i think the answer is science. >> reporter: as part of a movement that happened all over the country today, these bay area rizdants stood-- residents stood together in the name of science thousands of people met at a rally at justin herman plaza to oppose cuts that threaten scientific research. there is a proposal that would slash the epa budget by 31% in fiscal year 2018. >> i am not okay with trump defunding science. it is, you know, we are a culture that has moved forward because of science and it is a big step backward. >> reporter: despite a lot of anti-trump rhetoric, event speaker and inventor, adam savage said the need to protect science isn't conservatives verses liberals.
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>> science is a politics, or ideology or law, it is bias and bias is everywhere. science is the rigorous elimination of bias. that is a good thing. >> university of cincinnati took a risk on a kid from a small village in india. >> many spoke out against the trump administration's executive orders on immigration, and marched way to support scientists who want to come or stay in america to continue their work. >> it is not just about president trump and his administration's attack on science. i think it is also about making sure that the people who practice science look like the world they are practicing it on. >> reporter: while organizers are thrilled with this turn out, they are hoping people maintain the sentiment about science and advocate for it every day. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> just the bay area as correspondent brook shows us, big cities across the world had huge marches. >> reporter: thousands gathered on the national mall in washington for a rally in
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support of science. >> we are marching today to remind people everywhere, our lawmakers, especially, of the significance of science. for our health and prosperity. >> reporter: the march for science carried that message to hundreds of cities around the world saturday, in sydney, australia, protesters carried signs urging respect for both science and scientists. in london, marchers called on government to do more to protect the environment. >> organizers describe the event as nonpartisan but many marchers across the country said they were motivated by what they describe as president trump's antiscience policies. >> the people in power, trump in america are denying science. >> everything he says, he doesn't believe in climate change or realize how perilous it is for future generations. >> reporter: the marchers urged and celebrated government action. >> it is really important to see that science is supported and to send a message that we need
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funding, so to cut funding for any scientific agency is a horrible mistake. >> reporter: president trump made no mention of the science march in a a tweet about earth day, but wrote he is committed to preserving the natural beauty of our nation. for cbs news, new york. >> next saturday, another science march will take place in cities across the bay area and across the globe. that one is called the people's climate march. uc berkeley bracing for potential trouble next week, when conservative author anne colter speaking in deniens of school administrators. campus officials say college republicans signed a contract for the speech before consulting them, it was planned for thursday, cal canceled because of security concerns, and then yesterday it revoked after offer to have colter speak when cls are not in session. lieutenant governor gin said the school should allow her to speak. >> i think anne is odious, vile,
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foul, and she has the right to be. and berkeley made a mistake. and now they are trying to make up for it. i think they need to reconcile this, not with just anne, more broadly. the sentiment is real. i say that as a progressive, that has been on the receiving end of anne. >> college republicans say they may file a lawsuit against the university. meanwhile, conservative commentator yonapolus could come back to cal, the former editor alluded to doing an event on his facebook page. you may remember feb 1 of this year, his talk at berkeley was canceled when riots broke out. on facebook, he posted about holding a multi-day event later in the year at cal, dubbing it milo's free speech week. santa cruz deputy who shot and killed a teenage boy last year has been cleared of criminal charges. the news come s after a 5-month investigation. the incident happened in
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november, just north of watsonville. deputies responded to reports that 15-year-old luke smith had stabbed his father and uncle. soon after, smith, under the influence of drugs, was shot and killed during a confrontation with police. >> nobody feels good about this case. we don't ever want a call for service to end this way. this case has taken a tremendous toll on the smith family and nody wins in these types of tragic cases. >> the da investigation, the santa cruz county sheriff's office created a serious incident review board and some of the findings released yesterday, they include improving supervision at critical incidents and assessing whether it is necessary to handcuff a suspect who needs medical attention. another up roar on an airplane, this time at sfo. a woman cried after a flight attendant took away her baby stroller and then almost hit the child. an argument ensued with other passengers.
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>> just combifb me back my-- give me back my stroller, please. >> bud, you do that to me and i will knock you flat. >> you stay out of this. >> get off this plane. >> do not-- >> i will knockia out. >> i-- knock you out. >> i will [ bleep ] you out. >> tony, sit down. >> you don't know what the story is. >> i don't care, no one hurt as baby. >> american released a statement apologizing saying "the action of our team member here do not appear to reflect patience or empathy to values necessary for customer care. the american team member has been removed from duty while we immediately investigate the incident." this comes about two weeks after united airline had a passenger dragged off an over booked flight in chicago. that man, dr. david, suffered a
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broken nose and concussion and had two teeth knocked out. according to his lawyers. still to come, the bay area bandits who pose as construction workers, the business they targeted, and what they did to the owner. rescue, then reunited. the happy ending earlier today for a bay area goose and her pack of gausling. the group taking matters into their own hands on this earth day, the fight against illegal dumping. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ers are on the run... after
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targeting a shop in downtown lnut creek. three dangerous thieves who pose as construction workers are on the run after targeting a shop in downtown walinate creek, they walk-- wallnut creek, they walked in just before noon yesterday and told the owner they were there to shut off the
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power. one suspect pepper sprayed the owner, another smashed the display case with a baseball bat. the owner was able to chis them off before they stole anything. they-- chase them off before they stole anything. they drove off in a black dodge challenger. an arrest in the break in at the bay view opera house in stole eight computers from the offices on 3rd street. they identified him as 52-year-old albert brown of san francisco. last week they arrested him and now he is in county jail. but the stolen computerss haven't been found. up next, a volunteer in oakland who says you don't have to wait until the next earth day to make a difference. the timing on earth day was just perfect, the very cute chp rescue today in the bay area. >> i didn't think she would make it out alive. a nightmare scenario following one woman's crash into a flooded creek. through a grass hazily,
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looking at the city from oakland. the weather forecast, another chance of rain, say it ain't so, i could but i would be lying. we will be back after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new video this ng... ing a life- saving r i really didn't think she would make it out alive. smee was under there so long. >> a life-saving rescue after a crash in a creek in oklahoma yesterday. good samaritans risked their lives to help the woman trapped inside. they worked with firefighters and brought the woman to safety in a matter of minutes. >> someone in need, needed out of that car quick, and no sense of standing around. there is no way i could have seen that happen and drove away from it. >> a woman ended up with only a few minor cuts and bruises. firefighters say if the water was a foot or so deeper, the outcome would have been completely different. family of geese, glad we changed the tone of the news cast to happy ending stories. up in the north bay, all back together on earth day. >> love the story, they got a little too close to a freeway and just made it to safer
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ground. all happened in petaluma this morning, an officer carried four baby geese in a cage while mom and dad followed closely behind keeping a watchful eye. earlier drivers on highway 101 saw the family near a creek right boy an off ramp. animal services was culled and they netted the hatchlings and carried them a quarter mile to a safer spot where they were reunited with their parents. >> it is coming up, we have already seen 10% increase in calls, but it is beautiful to see a family put back together. >> love seeing that. experts say if you come across animals near roadways, call animal control or chp. do not try to rescue them yourself because that could cause an accident. hundreds of volunteers were out in oakland on this earth day cleaning up streets and parks. residents tired of seeing trash pile up in their neighborhoods are taking matters into their
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own hands. >> reporter: illegal dumping is an epidemic in oakland. many fed-up neighbors have turned anger into action. >> they say to get clean sometimes you have to get down and dirty. >> reporter: volunteers are using earth day to remine people to stopomplaining, stead, do something to fix the probm all. >> i don't think-- problem. >> i don't believe we should rely always on city hall to fix things in our neighborhood. >> reporter: we saw volunteers cleaning up today. >> made me feel good, i am cleaning my own community. >> reporter: from the teenagers picking up litter on international boulevard, to these adults removing trash from a homeless encampment. >> the more that people take a part in cleaning up the city, and other people see that, we can be part of a culture shift that will allow other people to stop dumping and be a part of cleaning up the city. >> reporter: in a period of five months, volunteers with the oakland community organizations picked up 24 tons of trash from
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the streets of oakland. >> making a dent. it didn't happen overnight and won't get volved overnight. >> reporter: this group removed enough junk this morning to fill two large dumpsters. >> this is all on the streets, sidewalks, this was in parks, medians. >> reporter: they say people should treat every day like it is earth day. volunteers say you don't have to wait until the next earth day to make a difference. stop by clean-- start by cleaning your own block. if everybody does their part, we would all share a better city. in oakland, kpix 5. >> the south bay kids got fishing pointers on earth day from their county sheriff and other volunteers. about 150 third graders learned how to prepare bait and cast a line in milpitas. the santa clara county sheriff, laurie smith helped, along with recruits from the sheriff's academy and members of thery club. they had broad-- the rotary
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club. they had broader educational goals. >> we not only teach them how to fish but the importance of taking care of the environment. we want them to be good stewards of the water shed, we teach them, how to cast the rod and tie the knots, teach them the little bit about the life cecal of the fish. >> this mentoring event has been happening for more than two decades. well, like an unwanted relative, we once again drag out the kpix 5 high def doppler, we love it, we have seen enough. yet, if there is a whisper, we show you. in the north bay there is a weak impulse through the far north bay that might be producing a drop or two up there. aside from that there is not anything on the way for tonight or tomorrow. but later in the week, nes. tomorrow morning we start partly cloudy skies along the shoreline, inland, around the south bay. numbers will be in-- around 50 degrees. sunshine. today, mixed bag, cloudy over much of the bay area now, a bit
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of a haze. in concord, 67 degrees. in san francisco, the number tumled to 59. santa rosa, not bad at 68 with clouds. just this batch of clouds, looks like a mattress exploded over the eastern pacific, all helped along by the low in the gulf. high pressure never the les is preventing rain from happening. futurecast shows a lot of it clears out and tomorrow morning we start out with a few clouds in the south bay. sunshine in the north bay. so, mixed bag for tomorrow. no rain, by later in the afternoon we will have sunshine breaking out all over the place. here is what is happening. looks like it will be cooler tomorrow but still sunshine, except in the south bay early going. fair and mild monday but then unsettled weather moves into the bay area with a chance of a few showers coming in on tuesday and wednesday. in the meantime, monster jam tonight, levi stadium, 7:00 tonight. cloudy, 63 degrees. during the a's taking on the mariners? right? >> you are correct. >> clear and mild.
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sunday 1:05 p.m. 63 degrees. travel weather forecast shows partly cloudy skies for much of the state tomorrow. if you are headed out of the airport, weather is not going to slow you. partly sunny skies despite the foul icon showing showers i forgot to change. sunny tomorrow. seattle will, however, have rain, 53 degrees. chicago has son, so does los angeles, new york, few clouds and 63. overnight lows, not bad, temperatures near 50. sun up tomorrow, sunday morning 6:23 a.m. forecast highs are close to average, typical april day. tomorrow, south bay near 70 degrees and some clouds to start out and some sun to finish. over in the east bay, numbers whachg from the upper 60s to the low 70s and hazy sunshine will hold true for the north bay as well. upper 60s. about the same, cooler for you, lake port, clear lake. extended forecast, looking for sunday to live up to its name. monday, few clouds come in. tuesday, wednesday, maybe shower or two, wouldn't amount to much.
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what happens next weekend? plenty of sun. by next saturday, back to near 80 degrees inland. so we will be welcoming back the sunshine and speaking of welcoming back the sunshine for the first time in a couple of weeks, ladies and gentlemen, here he is. straight ahead in sports, we got a lot to talk about. we will set the table for tonight's game 3nba playoff game, warriors portland, trying to keech running the table. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you ready for warrios/blazers game-3? steve kerr isn't...shockingly will miss the game due to illness.... nba playoffs up top, roughly two hours from tip off? game three, steve is not, shockingly miss the game due to illness. top assistant, mike brown, the one restraining, serve as active head coach, brown hopes to end golden state struggles in game 3s. the warriors are 2 in 6 in game 3s. including a loss last season in portland. kerr, healthy yesterday, said because of that stat he knows the series is far from over. >> i know how this stuff works. you go up 2-0. everybody says the series is over. you go to the other team's gym and they win 1 game and all of a sudden, my god, it is a series, like as if it is a revelation. wait, we thought it would be a sweep. we just won two home games, that all we did. we comboi what is coming. they-- know what is coming.
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they will bring their best shot. we got to be ready. >> bg the drum, lets go. that is home standing milwaukee defending toronto. how about this for a statement? roseen, tight 1-point game in, 4 mints left. raptors added to it. norman, power from outside. guess what? tied up series, 2 games a piece. final today, 87-76. give me a look of the skyline of atlanta. hops and the wizards, it was all atlanta hawks, millsap, 2 of his 29. they won it 116-98. washington leads the series 2 games to 1. double shot bay area playoff noise tonight. san jose sharks, a must-win nhl battle with edmonton, game 6. why must win? because it is, thursday night,
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game 5 ending overtime, oilers go. edmonton up 3 games to 2. puck drops 7:30 in san jose tonight. you are hoping they force game 7. players seem to be rested after a day off. >> took a nap yesterday. so-- >> you take a nap with the dogs? or solo? >> only one of them. one of them likes to snuggle. baseball, giants just getting started in denver, the as, man, they are loving life. five straight wins now on the field named after ricky anderson, good one here with t mariners,t didn't take long. adam vosalas, first inning blast, even sprinted around the bases to tie it at 1. two batters later, ryan healy, just mashed it. 2-run shot put them up 3-1. seattle did make it interesting, runner going in the 8th and a tough play in centerfield. the mariners cut the lead to 1.
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time for ryan matson to take care of mitch to win it. first 1-run game of the season. nobody playing any better, second in the american league west. you want some raiders news? quarterback david car is good to go. all week off-season work outs, fully recovered from a broken leg he suffered here. that playoff game in december. telling sign of recovery? he says he schooled the defensive player of the year at water games. >> wrestling mack and pool basketball that helps get those mental pictures out of your head. you know, you can ask, i held him to no points. >> come on, man. really? you think he can shut me up? really? man. >> this from houston, earthquake soccer, no answers for the
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orange glad dynamo, torrid 9th minute. goalie david guessed wrong. dynamo won 2-0. quakes are winless in their last 6 matches. lets receipt the table for all of you here. two playoff games involving bay area teams tonight. the sharks, 7:30, a must-win game tonight against edmonton. and in these games, there is no really such thing as momentum. how will the sharks respond after the over time loss and the warriors, the warriors, game three tonight. we will see if durant is going to play. we don't know for sure but we know that steve kerr will be watching from his hotel room somewhere in downtown portland. >> no doubt. >> soice to see as doing so well. i love hearing about them. >> they have taken that rooted in oakland campaign and have run with it. they have just caught fire, like the as of old. if the pitcher is close to the play, he is going to get hard. getting just enough good
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pitching to keep them in it. >> ice water in their veins. focused. that is it for us at 5:00, see you back here at 6 clg. >> cbs-- 6:00. >> cbs evening news is next, and as liz said, see you at 6:00. ptioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: earth day and the march for science. >> science makes america great! >> ninan: in cities and communities around the world, scientists take to the streets to raise awareness and defend their work from budget cuts. >> save the world! >> ninan: our dr. jon lapook is at the massive demonstration on the national mall. >> reporter: what specifically makes you worry? >> climate change is my biggest concern. >> ninan: also tonight, president trump pays an unexpected visit to the walter reed military hospital to pay tribute to america's wounded warriors. and serious cabin pressure aboard an american airlines jet. a flight attendant is grounded after a heated argument with a passenger.


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